101 Small Business Ideas for Under $5000

101 Small Business Ideas for Under $5000 
provides some basic advice on getting a business started and list 101 basic businesses one can start with under $5,000 in beginning capital. The book's first four chapters cover business insurance and risk management, legalities and taxes, pricing, and financing. There is some good beginning information here, but you will probably need to consult additional sources once you have chosen your business. Each business idea is listed with icons (identified in the "How to Use this Book" section) and covers the category of the business (service, product, trade, creative or virtual), challenges, skills, complexity, and the estimated capital required to start the business. You may find it frustrating to have to keep looking up the icons, but they are simple and you can always bookmark the page with the icon descriptions. The 101 list begins in chapter 5 with businesses based on "Home Services (Exterior). Examples are Landscape Designer, Deck Construction, Snow


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